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METSY SYMPOSIUM in Turku, Finland August 21st 2017

METSY symposium was organized in August 2017. The symposium brought together METSY partners and researchers to Turku, Finland. In this event t Read more …

Welcome to METSY

The adverse influence of weight gain and associated metabolic co-morbidities in the lives of people with psychotic disorders is substantial. People with schizophrenia have over 20 years shorter life expectancy than the general population, and metabolic co-morbidities, especially type 2 diabetes, are among the major determinants of excess mortality. More detailed understanding of the development of metabolic comorbidities, as well as methods that would allow early identification of those at greatest risk would greatly benefit patients with psychotic disorders.

Methods that allow identification those patients with prodromal symptoms who are at greatest risk of developing psychotic disorder would enable targeting intensive early interventions. It has been shown that most of the psychosocial impairment develops during the prodromal stage of the illness and does not usually improve when the treatment is started after the onset of psychotic symptoms. Therefore, the earlier the treatment is started, the larger impact it has, and intensive treatment during the prodromal stage has been shown to improve outcome substantially.

With the support from the European Commission, METSY has been set up to identify, prioritize and evaluate multi-modal blood and neuroimaging markers for prediction and monitoring of psychotic disorders and its associated metabolic co-morbidities.

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Project Full Title: Neuroimaging platform for characterisation of metabolic co-morbidities in psychotic disorders