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microcontroller tutorial on internal architecture, pin diagram with explanation, program and data memory organization and applications. Microcontroller Architecture (Block Diagram). Page Contents [hide]. 1 Block Diagram of Microcontroller. CPU; Interrupts. The Intel microcontroller is one of the most popular general purpose 5 Oscillator Circuits; 6 Internal Architecture; 7 Data and Program Memory.

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Then, feel free to share your ideas for getting your project solutions from us and also other readers, by posting in the comments section below. Microcontroller has a 16 bit address bus. Post in about various programming concepts of the MC. Therefore, it enables synchronized microcontrkller of all parts of the Microcontroller.

It consists of Boolean processor which performs bit, set, test, clear and compliment. It is most versatile of 2 CPU registers. The output pulses of oscillator are stable. Normally, 80881 microcontroller was developed using NMOS technology, which requires more power to operate. If there is no external memory requirement, this pin is pulled high by connecting it to Vcc.

Hello Sameer, Can you point me an example? Microcontroller has 2 16 bit timers and counters. Now lets talk about microcontroller in detail. This is “program store enable”. It reads program written in ROM memory and executes them and do the expected task of that application. It has 3 control flags, by setting or resetting architecfure required operation or function can be achieved. Your email address will not be published. Pins 40 and 20 are VCC and ground respectively.


The memory which is used to store the program of microcontroller is known as program memory. It is 8 bit register, it indicate current RAM address available microxontroller stack. Basically Bus is a collection of wires which work as a communication channel or medium for transfer of Data.

For any technical information please refer our blog: Microcontroller requires a program microccontroller is a collection of instructions.

It reads program written in ROM memory and executes them and do the expected task. Retrieved from ” https: There is no need of explaining what each package means, you already know it. This memory is primary memory and is used for microcontrollet of temporary data.

Mcrocontroller reset to happen, the reset input pin pin 9 must be active high for atleast 2 machine cycles. Also note that, two pulses of ALE are available for 1 machine cycle. As we know that the CPU is the brain of any processing device of the microcontroller.

Microcontrollers – 8051 Architecture

The bit addressable ares of is usually used to store bit variables. It has an internal program of 4K size and if needed an external memory can be added by interfacing of size 60K maximum. Unlike other ports, this port does not serve any other functions. As mentioned above, control signals are used for external memory interfacing.


It has 4 conditional flags or math flags which sets or resets according to condition of result. Schematic and Features The general schematic diagram of microcontroller is shown above.

Microcontroller Architecture (Block Diagram) – EdITS WORLD

There is four port but port o and port 2 not understand please explain these two portwhat purpose of this output or input. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is very clear information and knowledge about microcontroller s0 thanks of and God bless archirecture. It is used to store 8 bit data and to hold one of operand of ALU units during arithmetical and logical operations.

Its possible microconntroller explain microcontroller architecture to a great detail, but we are limiting scope of this article to internal architecture, pin configuration, program memory and data memory organization.

Standard practice is to use 12MHz frequency. If the programmer wants to fetch instruction from external memory only bypassing the internal memorythen he must connect External Access EA pin to ground GND. It has an 8 bit processing unit and 8 bit accumulator units. The feature of Interrupt is very useful as it helps in cases of emergency.

One state is 2 T-states.