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brainetics math shortcuts and tricks

There’s an interesting web-site, brainetics. I have to confess that whil e I know quite a few mental Math tricks and while I’ve written quite a number of posts and made several videos about mental Math tricks I’m not particularly fast at applying these tricks. Doing Math quickly in one’s head is all about knowing techniques, having a strong memory and maintaining focus.

Memory and focus are currently a challenge for me. A free resource on the Brainetics site is the Brain Games page. Near the bottom of the page is a link to a game, Brain Burst. The game has two levels, hard and harder.

The first level gives you a bunch of two-digit by two-digit multiplication problems. Possible answers are floating on the trjcks. You get points for clicking on the right answer quickly. You lose points for wrong clicks. If you are slow to answer then incorrect choices start to disappear, making it easier to get the right answer but, I imagine, losing you points. My highest score was 29 points on the “All Star” level, which is the easiest of the two.

I suspect many of you could do better. I found that racing against the clock was mentally brianetics even though I know how to do 2×2 digit multiplications in my head. Brainetics may brinetics a better approach than I have to this kind of multiplication or they may have a good approach to holding the partial product in your head while you work on more of the product.


If you want to try this game and don’t have an approach to mental multiplication I suggest this for the 2×2 digit case:.

I found myself using the strategy of guesstimating answers.

Brainetics Review: Read Before Trying Out The Program

That helped sometimes, although sometimes two of the possible answers were close to one another. I’d be interested to know how others do with this brainerics Do we have brilliant mental mathemagicians among us?

If you’re interested in learning more mental Math tricks check out my related articles and videos:. Brainetic, check out a couple of Dave Marain’s recent explorations on mental Math at his MathNotations blog:. This works quite well a lot of the time but, as you mentioned, it fails when you have 2 answers that are around the same magnitude.

I wonder if the score is stuck at It always told me my score was 29 and I just assumed it was reporting my high score. What does that mean? That direction in 2 is sooo unclear to me.

I think that in order to translate the directions on our own for other examples, we need clear and correct directions.

Mike Byster Brainetics Math And Card Tricks Book And Dvd New | eBay

If you simply braineticss 2 the answer is incorrect. Multiply adxbc and add the carry to get the next digit.

You may generate a new carry. Multiply axc and add the carry to get the rest of the answer. If this is a fast multiplication tecnique…. I wonder hw u do the long one…. The 8 would be the last digit and the 4 would be the carry.

The number that goes in front of the last number is 8 grainetics the 11 is the carry now.

I thought this may help if the abxdc seems a bit confusing or more difficult. Sorry for the error in typing. I was taught mental math in elementry school. I have not used it brainetjcs. What is important, understanding the concepts. Brainetics asks for 20 minutes a day; if any person was sure to actively practice math for 20 minutes every day, regardles if they have assighnments or not, math skills would improve.


I have a 5 year old son and I want to start with him with brainetics is thelevel adequate for a small child like that?

Cheryl, the creator of the program has said that you can start a child that young as long as you understand that a few of the concepts are trocks to be out of his reach at the moment. Knowledge of the multiplication tables is a good benchmark for readiness.

Brainetics Tricks: Do Brainetics Math Tricks Work?

To the person who said that Brainetics would be NO help in Calculus class. It also teaches you to recognize patterns in numbers that make them easier to calculate.

I am speaking from attending only a small demonstration so far, I plan on starting the program this weekend with my kids.

The result is the first part of the answer. I wish i was amazing hmmm…………………………. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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