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Legislative Programme, CABINET. BROADCASTING AND TELEVISION. Mpmnr^ndum by the .. THE COBBOLD COMMISSION REPORT. () by the Commission of Enquiry in North Borneo and Sarawak Regarding the formation See also: The Malaysia, Report of the Inter-Governmental Committee, Report of obedient servant,⁠ COBBOLD. ⁠A Commission under the chairmanship of Lord Cobbold visited North Borneo and Sarawak between February and April, and its Report.

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After the Second World War, the United Nations General Assembly made a proclamation on 14 December to grant colonised countries their independence and the right to self-determination.

It became important under this declaration that colonisation was brought to commossion close. At the time, however, an independent country could have meant a communist one as the communist threat began to loom large in this region.

It was important, however, that in accordance with the rights of a decolonised country to assert its self-determination, that the people of Sarawak and North Borneo were polled and asked what their feelings were on becoming part of the federation.

As we trace back the days before we declared our comnission partnership, the Cobbold Commission was an essential key to ensuring the cooperation of all states to unite under one flag.

It was basically a Commission of Enquiry set up to find out whether the people of Sabah and Sarawak agreed to create the Federation of Malaysia which comprises Malaya, Brunei, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak.

The chairman of the commission was the Governor of the Bank of England, Lord Cameron Cobbold whom the commission was named after. On Feb reprt, The Cobbold Commission arrived in Kuching from where they began public hearings at 35 centres in both Sabah and Sarawak. Two months later on Apr 17, the Cobbold Commission finished their tasks in Sarawak and flew on to Sabah.


THE COBBOLD COMMISSION: Giving people a voice – The Borneo Post SEEDS by BPOnline

Cobbold Commission reported their results and recommendations on Repoft 1, Lord Cobbold summarised the results as follows:. Another third, many of them favourable to the Malaysia project, ask, with varying degrees of emphasis, for conditions and safeguards varying in nature and extent: The remaining third is divided between those who insist on independence before Malaysia is considered and those who would strongly prefer to see British rule continue for some years to come.

If the conditions and reservations which they have put forward could be substantially met, the second category referred to above would generally support the proposals.

Moreover once a firm decision was taken quite a number of the third category would be likely to abandon their opposition and decide to make the best of a doubtful job.

File:Report of the commission of enquirynorth borneo & sarawak & igc pdf – Wikimedia Commons

There will remain a hard core, vocal and politically active, which will oppose Malaysia on any terms unless it is preceded by independence and self-government: They had argued that there were no native representatives from North Borneo Sabah and Sarawak in the Cobbold Commission. These parties reasoned that the Chairman, Lord Cobbold was a joint choice by the Malayan and British Governments, and of the four members, two were nominated by the British government and two by the Malayan government.


None was chosen by Sabah and Sarawak. In Miri, an anti-Malaysia riot also took a violent turn when the UN team arrived from Sibu on Aug 29, where anti-Malaysia rioters clashed with the police. One policeman was admitted to hospital in a serious condition and six policemen were slightly injured.

The Mission is convinced that the time devoted to hearings and the number of localities visited was adequate and enabled it to fully carry out its terms of references.

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Cobbold Commission

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