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Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. Note: After I finished this guide, I saw that it could work as a hybrid Swordmage| Cleric, although you have to cherry-pick powers from two classes who aren’t. Swordmages apply the arcane arts to melee combat. The combat skills they possess are enhanced by the magic they wield. The flourish of a.

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Shield them all you want. As feat, we take Extra Manifestation. Another issue with Swordmages is that Shielding Swordmages do nothing against controller type attacks where the real reason for hitting someone is to take them out, not damage them. You forgot Mythal Recovery Utility 2.

If you did Paragon Multiclassing, you might gain some serious ranged power, but you don’t get Warlock’s Curse. Did some book I’m unaware of come out? You could also consider a voidsoul, or another con-int race, such as a warforged. Should be obvious why that is good.

Binding Ensnarement aegis of ensnarement [ AP: Eldritch Speed U2 For when you really need to go first. Dimension door gives us a good emergency escape power. In fact, Swordmage has an advantage here, since a lot of his encounter powers can be used with Aegis of Assault.

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They work well with anyone, even other swordmages. It is a tough break, but we exchange Mirage arcana for Summon Black Devourer. Retrieved from ” http: Level 1 daily power: Use a longsword and cloth armor. This means that vnd have enough ranged powers while still being able to mark enemies reliably.


Spellshooting Swordmage (4e Character Optimization)

Intelligence powers your attacks, so it should be your highest ability score. Swordmages deal less damage to a single target when it’s their turn to act, not the enemy’s. Anyway, the Minotaur article in an issue of DragonI think?

Same ability boosts as always. This heritage is embodied by the Coronal Guard tradition, a discipline that can be traced over a thousand years to the armathors, the elite guards of the coronal of Myth Drannor. A lot of their encounters can be used instead of the basic attack triggered by Aegis of Assault.

The classes will be: You might be a young eladrin in search of your fortune, a stranger to the wider world outside the seclusion of your homeland; a self-trained genasi sellsword, gifted with an affinity for elemental magic; the scion of a disgraced noble human family, taught by the finest tutors in your youth but now a footloose expatriate; or a half-elf arcane champion, rigorously trained in a war magic academy to serve in the armies of your homeland.

Unless it’s a battlerager fighter. Immortal Warding Arcane Power lets them keep their warding up while unconscious, so even if you drop, you can stay protected. Intelligence plays into all your attacks, but you might emphasize either Strength or Constitution for added benefits.

Assault Swordmage, Shielding Swordmage. Each of these three powers marks a target, and allows the swordmage to take an immediate action triggered when the target hits with an attack that did not include the swordmage as a target. I honestly thought it was supposed to be Elemental with the uncontrolled Elemental craziness myself Arcane Minor Action Close burst 2 Target: If you become unconscious, your Swordmage Warding benefit disappears.


Swordmages are smart, strong bastions of defense whose art is embodied by their swords. Your melee skills are most important, but you also have attacks that can hit multiple creatures or injure creatures at range. We also retrain combat casting for Greater Swordmage Warding. Now I need someone to take my by the hand and explain, in soft, understanding terms, why the swordmage isn’t an example of power creep.

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For our swordmage power, I decided to take Sword Burst. The Swordmage Aegis class feature grants one of three at-will powers, aegis of assaultaegis of ensnarementor aegis of shielding.

Improved Silver Shield – gain temporary HP equal when you use your aegis. The main point of the class is that while you have great potential, you either focus on defense getting at best a little advantage on Plate users OR on offense and thus not completely suck on that regard. We also retrain Improved Initiative for Psychic lock, so a lot of our powers will now impose massive penalties to hit on the targets. Soo, we’re back to rule now, suck later? Your attacks use Intelligence, so that should be your primary ability score.

The uncontrolled Elemental craziness is there to distinguish it from the other arcane controller. Did I mention it’s an encounter power? Not too shabby–an extra save attempt once per encounter nice if someone tries to lock you down.