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The Way of the Shaman has ratings and reviews. Christine said: Harner is the creator of what is called Core Shamanism (the ‘shamanism’ and pr. In , Harner published The Way of the Shaman: a Guide to Power and Healing. Students in the United. This classic on shamanism pioneered the modern shamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on shamanism. Now, with a new introduction.

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It is unlikely, therefore, that following Harner’s techniques will kill anyone.

Really amazing book on the practice and theory of shamanism. Mar 05, Kevin Vrieze rated it it was amazing. It’s deceptively simple and the author an anthropologist really, really knows what he is talking about. If you are seeking an experiential glimpse of shamanism or a more instructional text, this book is not it. Fascinated by similarities between the validity of the experiences these ancient practices revealed and what I experienced while meditating prompted me to explore them further a few years later through podcasts like the Psychedelic Salon and the C-Realm.

As a counter-example Sarangerel’s “Riding Windhorses” and “Chose by the Spirits” provide similar material material but with added context. Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality was released April 9, This is the book that founded the movement written in Academics don’t use his work.

While in the shaman state of consciousness, he is often amazed by the reality of that which is presented. University of Nebraska Press. It seems to me that it is another paradigm through which to view my life and if only that it has value for what it can reveal.

From the early s onward, he invited a few of his students to join an international faculty to reach an ever-wider market. Eye opening and helpful! Kathryn on January 05, More like anything Jung wrote about alchemy. Mar 18, Amber Foxx rated it liked it.


Oct 04, Matty rated it harmer was ok.

The Way of the Shaman : The Definitive Handbook

At any rate, the book gets a bit wilder as it goes along. Hi guys, this tne going to be my first post on this forum so My conclusions about him are based on reading his work, and seeing what their work has spawned in the decades since they first published. I did not think this book could disappoint me, as I did not have particularly high expectations of it.

His view is that Shamanism was a once universal practice, with different and very separate cultures discovering the same things about a great wway world that exists beyond the material world. First, a little about Michael Harner.

Trivia About The Way of the Sh Also there’s a fine line between new age enlightenment and cultural appropriation Open Preview See a Problem? If it’s not enough for you that some of these earth-honoring, polytheistic, ancestor-revering ways survived alongside Christianity, and you need to be certain something is pre-Christian and written down because, well, anyone who was alive before Christianity isn’t here now, and if you are distrustful of the conservative oral tradition you’re going to be relying on vellum manuscripts look to the materials that were written down in the native languages, in the time period in question, when writing first came to those lands.

Though I will concede that providing such context may limit the material’s appear to a general audience. I read a book by practicing shaman, James Endredy, called The Flying Witches of Veracruz back in December of and it seemed to be a total pipe dream. The author did go and say it was kind of the same procedure but not the same. In a time where we face unprecedented shifts in our way of life, a new respect for our surroundings are far from an unwelcome suggestion. I particularly enjoyed the information on drum beat frequencies pp.


The Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism

Even in the historical literature from the Classical Mediterranean, or from medieval and Renaissance western Europe, one finds evidence that the same basic shamanic knowledge once existed there until it was largely eradicated by the Inquisition.

Harner gives a brief biography of his own beginning experiences, then a very short history of shamanism, what it is, and how the experiences during the shaman vision walks compare to ordinary reality. What I mean by barner information is information that is practically applicable and useful. Aug 17, Ryan rated it liked it. Anyway, most of the first chapter was available as a sample.

Haner the author’s credit, he appears to be sincere and to have truly studied with and researched shamans. I thought his account was fascinating, so I bought the book. The imagery is phenomenal for as long as it stays coherent. He, since, has had the skill and awareness to expand the practice so it can be available to those with interest, dedication, and skill, would not otherwise have achess to this training.