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Hidden Currents (Sea Haven / Drake Sisters, book 7) by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history. Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7) [Christine Feehan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In her Drake Sisters novels, #1 New York. : By Christine Feehan: Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7): Cell Phones & Accessories.

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OR, she could have used the gifts she was born with, you know, all those little tricks and things Elle has used throughout the previous 6 books. How was the bodyguard protected from her psychic abilities in the same way Stavros was? I can’t really give this a rating because there were such large chunks of the book that I didn’t even read. I needed an explanation!

And I’m sorry but a white guy knowing how to do cornrows is the biggest joke of all. Feehan condensed several weeks or even months or years of recuperation into the space of one week. She gasped when Stavros fingers tightened hard on her upper arms.

Also hey ever Another book by Christine Feehan about the rape and torture and then rescue and insta-love of a poor helpless woman who is supposed to be strong and independent but isn’t by the aggressive strong relationships are all about sex man but hey he has a whole depth of feelings, not.

To be honest, the other stories weren’t toxic. Where was the harm in that? Despite some tonal imbalance, questionable timing, and structural unevenness, her prose is strong, her characterization almost impeccable, and she made me feel. I write this review with all due respect to other friends who have read this book and had issues and serious objections to the depiction of rape and abuse that occurs.

Within a couple days of being home she starts having sexual feelings for her chosen and within hours of that she’s performing sexual acts and making love with him.


Elle could imagine that his intent look would make most women feel a little faint. The Twilight Before Christmas. She stayed low, knowing she would show up easily against the bright sunlit roof.

It was just too much for me, and left me hudden for days. Yes, after 13 years as an Audible member and hundreds of books purchased, I finally returned one. On the other hand, I admired the bond of the christjne sisters, liked how each had there specialties in regards to powers She let her breath out and, gathered strength before drawing her leg up and over. The men wore biker colors with patches, the standard one percent and an intricate sword with blood dripping down the blade.

Sea Haven, a small village nestled on the northern California coast, had always been home—a refuge.

Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, #7) by Christine Feehan

I am now in the process of starting the series from the begining to see if that makes me feel differently And then there is a point to hit on for currentz those readers whose main love for Feehan’s books are the love story side and all those well written, and yes, frankly, often very Hot! Hidden Currents is the last book of the Drake Sisters series and I really enjoyed this instalment.

I mean I don’t know what else reehan say I get attached to people and breaking up is terribly painful. Not only that but he wants to break he Hidden Currents is the last book in the Drake Sisters series Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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I actually threw the book across the room I was so angry. It pulled me a lot of differents ways most more uncomfortable than pleasurable He served the best food, had the best music, and surrounded himself with intelligent people, fun people. Stavros frowned and shook his head, glanced at his watch and then over at Elle. Was this the reason he was taking her to his island? Outlaw bikers from one of the most notorious clubs rising on three continents were the only ones who would dare to wear the symbol of the Sword.


On her latest undercover assignment, she met someone who is perfect for her, someone who would never reject her He first heard Elle in his mind when he was a POW being tortured, and her voice was the only thing that kept him alive. View all 4 comments. He’s determined to get her back no matter the cost.

So imagine my surprise when she just stands there and lets it happen. I can’t really answer that question either. But as much as I loved Jackson, Hidden Currents is christtine the story of a survivor. From afar, Sheriff Jackson Deveau has always loved Elle Drake, the youngest telepath of seven sisters. Feehan does an exceptional job of writing these types of scenes.

I want to go home. Idk why an author would do that to their own characters. Still, to have a woman regain her physical strength, personal identity, sexual confidence, and get married within seven days of suffering truly horrific abuse is far-fetched in the extreme, and maybe even demeaning to thousands of women for whom a lifetime will never be enough to heal the wounds.

She could do that.

Hidden Currents — All About Romance

Stavros is a sadistic bastard, and the whole thing with him and Elle really disturbed me Animal lovers will enjoy this story. Please, what is up with all the men in her books? One of the other pluses is that all the other sisters and their mates got chrristine be a part of this story – it’s nice to see them working together as friends and family. Please review your cart.