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Italienisches Zivilgesetzbuch (), Nebst Einf Hrungs-, Durchf Hrungs- Und Bergangsvorschriften (German, Electronic book text) / Editor: Mariano [Mitarb ] San. Zweisprachige Ausgabe des Italienischen Zivilgesetzbuches. Herausgegeben in Zusammenarbeit mit der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität. Italienische Zivilgesetzbuch-Codice di procedura civile: Max Bauer, Bernhard Eccher, Bernhard König: : Books.

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(MULTI)-(PDF) – Reverse Charge in 22 languages |

Teaching Mode Traditional lectures. The student – knows the strategies, techniques, traditional and state-of-the-art tools and methods used in specialized translation tasks – is able to apply them to the translation of technical and scientific texts from different genres and text types, from Italian into German, meeting specific translation briefs and respecting the communicative functions of the source texts – knows the main techniques required for information mining, drafting, editing and revising texts, including the overall quality evaluation of the translated text.

The course is divided into two parts, namely translation into German second semester, 40 hours and translation into Italian first semester, 40 hours. The part which deals with translation into German aims to introduce students to legal translation, and in particular to the translation of commercial law texts.

Students will know the cultural, linguistic and disciplinary aspects of these texts and learn how to give due weight to textual and extra-textual factors affecting translation methods.

They will also be able to evaluate the translation quality and carry out the necessary revisions. Particular emphasis will be placed on translation methods and on strategies for acquiring the disciplinary knowledge necessary for understanding and translating legal texts and on mastering the their linguistic features.

Students will also gain experience in all the resources available to the legal translator handbooks, laws, specialised dictionaries, terminological databases, comparable texts, italienischee, etc. In addition, there will be lectures and workshops organised by the Specialised Translation seminar series http: Handelsrecht, HGB und Handelsregister, 2. Allgemeiner Teil des BGB, 2.

Nozioni di diritto e di linguistica giuridica. Scritto e parlato nelle professioni legali. Insights into Specialized Translation. Studies in Language and Communication Ein Studien- und Arbeitsbuch.

  ANSI Z136.3 PDF

Mortara Garavelli, Bice Le parole e la giustizia.

(MULTI)-(PDF) – Reverse Charge in 22 languages | – ???? Glossarissimo!

Divagazioni grammaticali e retoriche su testi giuridici italiani. Die Rechtssprache in der internationalen Diskussion.

Fachkommunikation im Spannungsfeld zwischen Rechtsordnung und Sprache. Research zicilgesetzbuch and methods in legal translation. Ioriatti Ferrari, Elena a cura di Interpretazione e traduzione del diritto. Teorie della traduzione giuridica. Fra diritto comparato e Translation Studies. New approach to legal translation. Traduttori e giuristi a confronto. Interpretazione traducente e comparazione del discorso giuridico. Dizionario dei brocardi e dei latinismi giuridici. Bullo, Francesca et al.

Ciola, Bruno et al. Favata, Angelo 32 Dizionario dei termini giuridici.

Dizionario enciclopedico del diritto. Organizzazione costituzionale e amministrativa. Handbuch der internationalen Zifilgesetzbuch und Verwaltungssprache.

Zivjlgesetzbuch, Edoardo 7 Dizionario dei termini giuridici e dei brocardi latini. Patti, Salvatore 2 During the lectures, the theoretical-methodological elements that form the basis of the translation will be addressed and the resources available to the legal translator for the acquisition of specialist knowledge and the relative linguistic devices will be introduced. The workshops will focus mainly on the discussion in class of the translations carried out individually at home and, to a lesser extent, on the collective execution of translations under the supervision of the lecturer.

During the discussion, feedback will be provided on the main translation problems and the methodology will be improved. Translations will be carried out with the aid of print and electronic resources for legal translators, as well as dedicated software programs and translation tools word processing programs, text analysis tools, CAT-tools. Before dealing with translation, it is essential to read the texts indicated in the bibliography as necessary readings.

Individual learning progress will be assessed through a zivilgesetbuch evaluation of translations carried out individually at home and by an interim test translation of a text of words, with 1 hour and 30 minutes available.

All students will undergo a final exam translation of a text of words, with 2 hours and 30 minutes available. Zivilgesezbuch final mark will italiehisches the average between the mark obtained in the first part and the mark obtained in the second part of the course Specialized Translation zigilgesetzbuch German into Italian. During all translation tests into Italienosches which will be carried out in classrooms equipped with print and electronic resourcesstudents may use all the resources that they are familiar with.


In all the tests, the adequacy and correctness of the translation will be assessed. The evaluation will take into account both positive and negative elements. For the latter, the categories of errors are sense, terminology, non-terminological vocabulary, phraseology, grammar, textual conventions, omissions, unjustified additions.

German to Italian translators and interpreters –

The mark 30 is only justified when the errors are limited to the categories of non-terminological vocabulary, phraseology, grammar and textual conventions. The test is considered failed in case of errors leading to the non-usability of the translation.

The usability of the translation is affected especially in case of serious errors of sense. The mark 18 is assigned to translations which, although there are errors in all the categories indicated, are still usable. All course materials will be made available on the Moodle e-learning platform http: See the website of Eva Wiesmann.

My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. School Campuses Programmes Departments. Home Prospective students Current students Exchange students Graduates. Search Course unit catalogue. Introduzione al mestiere Kindler, Peter Schuldrecht Vagni, Laura Translators resources Printed resources Bertozzi, Paride Enciclopedia Garzanti del Diritto 3 Enciclopedia Garzanti dell’Economia Online resources Risorse online Portals https: Assessment methods Individual learning progress will be assessed through a regular evaluation of translations carried out individually at home and by an interim test translation of a text of words, with 1 hour and 30 minutes available.

The test texts will be the same text types that were explored during the course.

Becher, Herbert J.

Teaching tools Personal computers, beamers. Office hours See the website of Eva Wiesmann. Transparent administration Calls and competitions Privacy policy Legal notes List of Thematic websites.